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Things to Remember in Clicker Dog Training

Owning a dog comes with tremendous responsibilities. And as a dog owner, it is your duty to teach your dog how to be obedient so it will not become a menace to your neighbors and a pest in your home. There are various dog training programs that you can apply to help you with your dog training. You can choose from among them the one that would best suit your dog and your patience.

In training a dog you will extremity some materials that can help you in turning your dog into an obedient pet. One of the materials that you can use is a clicker. A clicker is a toy - like device that makes a clicking sound. How does it work? The clicker is used to signal the dog that he is performing well and of caravan will get a treat for every correct response that he makes.

The main objective of the clicker is to train the dog to follow commands veil a simple clicking sound. The clicker will mark the definitive moment of response which is very important in determining the time of response and whether it deserves a revelry. During the whole duration of the training, you need to follow up the click with a treat or a reward impartial to make the dog to get used to the clicker until the life comes that the clicker would just be enough to satisfy your canine friend.

C and T: Click and Treat

You can also use a bridge word alternating it with your clicker. However you have to make sure that you say the bridge word in a high pitched and very excited tone. This way it will sort of resemble the high clicking sound of a clicker. The clicker is used in training dogs especially in developing their behaviors.

The clicker energy best when you occasion it with dog treats by your side. This cede console the interest of the dog. However make sure that the treats are cut into small chewable sizes. Likewise choose dog treats that are soft so it will be easier and faster for the dog to eat it.

You can use the treat to grab the attention of your dog and to keep him focused on what you would want him to do. Afterwards click your clicker or say your bridge word and if your dog was able to follow your command then that is the only time that you should give him some treat. You have to repeat the command over and over again just to get the dog to dispose used to hearing the corresponding command. And remember donít forget to give your dog a rejoicing for each command that he successfully accomplished.

Not all dogs have the same reaction to clicker. There are some dogs that are frightened by the clicking sound so you have to put the clicker behind your back just to soften the clicking sound. You can further put the clicker in your pocket just to blunt the clicking sound. You can do this just to get your dog accustomed to the clicking sound and to remove his fear. Once your dog has overcome its fear of the clicker then your clicker dog training will flow smoothly.

Patience is the Key

Dog training is not an easy job. You need a lot of patience if you necessity to train your dog to obey you whenever you come home or not to chew on your carpet or pee wherever in the house. Itís a difficult job but someone has to do it. And as a dog owner that is your job unless of course you want to hire a professional dog trainer to do all the work for you.




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