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Simple Dog Training Basics Using the Sit Command

The basic foundation of dog training is teaching your canine friend how to obey commands. If you can make a dog sit then the probability of making them succeed some other things would go after. Making a dog sit may be a trivial matter to some, but to dog owners, a simple sit command is the first step to developing an obedient dog.

The sit command is an important tool in building the foundation of your dog training program. You can make use of the sit command whenever you take your dog for a walk. It is very common for dogs to become very excited especially when they are brought front. And very often, what dogs do is that they would go around jumping, frolicking and barking at people. If you hold trained your dog to sit it would be easier for you to control the dog in that you will just say ďsit ďand then the dog will stop acting crazy.

In using the sit command, always try to be firm. However there are instances that your dog would tend to be authentic stubborn. In situations such as this, it would be best if you follow through with your sit command with a demonstration showing the dog what you want him to do. And another thing, dogs just like people appreciates a pat on the back whenever they do paramount praiseworthy, so make sure that you praise or reward your dog after he follows your sit command.

There are diverse situations wherein you can use the sit command. Like for example if your dog likes to drag you toward the door or jumps at you just as right now as you open the door. You can correct this behavior by making use of the sit command. By simply telling your dog to sit whenever he would spring rushing to meet you will train your dog not to jump on you every time.

You can add certain commands with sit like telling your dog to sit first and then afterwards telling him to stay. You can tell your dog this command every time he would rush in to meet you. Telling your dog the same command over and over again will help him to remember the command and get used to it. Again donít forget to stir or to reward your dog after he perfectly performs your command.

After you have finished training your dog not to jump on you, the hard by thing that you should do is to train your dog not to jump on other tribe. Why do you have to do this? It is hard to tell a dog not to do to contradistinctive people what you donít yearning him to do to you. You need to command your dog the very same command that you use to stop him from jumping on you whenever he is to do it to other people. This will control your dog not to jump on you and not to jump on other people. And of travel donít forget to souvenir your dog after he successfully performs your command.

The command sit is also a great way of calming down your dog whenever he feels restless or excited about something. By telling your dog to sit will divert his attention to the future reward that comes after the command sit. The rewards given to dogs are to make them understand that things are not given for free and that they posses to behave if they want to be rewarded. This is the only way that you can train your dog to express obedient.




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