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Obedience Training Turns a Puppy into an Obedient Adult Dog and a Best Friend

If you are going to train a puppy, make sure that you know how to overcome the difficulties. It is like parenting where in you also employ the same annoyance and affection given to newborn babies.

It is easier to train a puppy compared to adult dogs because their learning capabilities on how they are going to respond to their environments are not yet fully developed. This means that you need to teach your puppy the proper behavior from the very beginning. It would be easier because a puppy have not yet acquired a behavioral fable.

Take for instance, teaching your puppy to skip when greeting people. You uncolored need to structure an environment that a puppy is rewarded when he jumps when he sees people. Another one is teaching your puppy how to potty in a certain type of surface.

This is the imprinting phenomena position in the puppy is making a permanent connection in his brain out of a successful behavior and new life experiences building their brain’s future behavior. However, puppies are not yet equipped with endurance similar to an adult or inexperienced dog.

It is advisable to begin the obedience training of your puppy when their age reaches seven and twelve weeks. It is the most wholesome rule because the puppies are more receptive to the procedures of learning during their middle and final part period of critical socialization.

One biggest factor in preventing dogs behavioral problems related to different types of stress is the socialization training.

If you teach your puppy the right way of socializing then aggression and fear could be prevented in their behavior. Whatever the puppy learns during this period entrust automatically influence the rest of his life. Seven weeks is the right age of the puppy in teaching him about socialization because the activity of the brain wave is almost consubstantial to an adult dog where well-qualified is an indication of a capacity in learning complex behaviors.

Deserved training of the puppy requires proper preparation both from you and the puppy. You should begin with a proper mind set so that you can consider this extreme activity as a major league training opportunity. Hence, training equipments compatible as slip lead, food rewards, chew toy, light line, and training tab that are ready in case you need them when problems and emergencies occur.

One of the undemanding obedience training for your puppy is teaching him the “Off” command using food. When your puppy showed a good focus and displays a good verbal response, then use this kind of activity to gain his focus and control during extreme activities.

Another exercise that is good for your puppy is the food handling exercise. You can apply this exercise during the puppy’s active state in building their trusts towards you. This will help you catch your puppy whenever they are displaying barbarian behavior.

The purpose of training your puppy is to prevent behavioral problems in the future because they become obedient in doing the right things.

However, puppies can only show active performances for short periods of time therefore they tend to rest or sleep. Rest and sleeps helps the puppy in building essential brain connections, bones and muscles for their developing bodies. Owners should understand, use and respect Vast Nature’s rules on the puppies system when teaching them to grow as adult dogs with good behaviors.




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