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The Importance of Shock Collar for Dog Training

Ordinarily, the collar is described as a material – leather band or chain – placed around an animal’s neck. The main objective why collar is present in your dog is to put your pet under control. Apart from restraining your dog to do uneventful circumstances, collars are also utilized as a teaching gadget for them to learn how to obey orders.

There are different kinds of collars used for training dogs.

1. Choke collars – this is the most popular type of training collar for dogs. It has three major types which are utilized depending on the nature of training you want to go in for your dog.

If you wish to train sled and service dogs, the best training collar to use is the limited choke collar. On the other hand, the choke chain collar is used for training huge guard dogs. However, its popularity lessened these days since struggles are more evident whenever the dog moves. The third type of choke collar is the snap-around. This type of choke collar is highly recommended due to its healthy implication during dog training.

2. Remote-controlled collars – these days, with the development of technology, dog collars has its own form of absorbing modern pieces of equipment such as remote-controlled collars.

The advantage of remote-controlled collars over the conventional one is that you have the capability to necessitate corrective measures with just a push of a button.

One common type of remote-controlled collars is the shock collar. It is sometimes referred to as electric collar. Shock collars are considered as the most violent type of remote-controlled collar. There are individuals who view shock collar as sadistic and detrimental for training dogs. This may be due to the rigid resistance whenever the dog moves.

Everything needs to be properly utilized to observe and feel its advantage – just like shock collars. It can give you the benefit of training your dog well if you know how to appropriately employ shock collars.

Some dog owners opt for shock collars due to the following benefits:

 It allows you supreme autonomy.
 It provides you off-leash modification even in long distance training.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the benefits of having shock collars for training your dog, the next best thing to do is familiarize your dog with the said training material. You must do this one at a time. Do not force your dog in an instant to appreciate shock collars.

After your dog is familiar with the gadget, become aware of your dog’s tolerance to shock collars. It may be uncomfortable during the first few days of training but it is a necessity.

When your dog has become comfortable with a shock collar, your pet may now be ready to do training exercises. Most often than not, you need to gain proper knowledge on dog training with the use of remote-controlled collars. With this, it is important to seek help from dog training experts so that the training itself is healthy for both you and your pet.

It does not matter whether you are using conventional or remote-controlled type of training collars, what matters most is the way you choose proper training supplies and how you practice training exercises.

Dogs have feelings. You as the owner or the trainer must be sensitive with their needs. Your dog will obey you if you know how to appropriately train them.




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