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Must-Know for Dog-Lovers: Common Dog Training Supply

Dogs are man’s best friend. There are people who chooses dog to be their companion. Others prefer dogs to be their playmates. Some also decide on to get hold of dogs for training purposes – there are individuals who want to train dogs to serve as their security agents.

If you belong to a group of individuals who train dogs, then you might want to be updated on the common dog training supplies available to effectively and properly prepare your dogs to act as your security agents.

Dog Launcher

This type of training supply is utilized for your dog to recognize thrown items, specifically balls, as well as catch it with speed and accuracy. Apart from its training supply usage, you can also make use of dog launcher as exercise material.

Dummies for Dogs

Commonly the dummies are created using cylindrical-form foam. This is to let the dogs experience a “natural feel.” Apart from it, it is also designed to have head and feet which move to and fro. The swing-like position will give you the comfort of throwing the material with ease as well as improve the distance.

Dog Whistle Brass

A whistle is a small instrument made out of wood or metal which produce a shrill, piping sound once you have blown into it. It is commonly used as a signal.

Whistles are used by dog owners as a training material so that your dogs will be able to comply with whistle commands apart from voice commands.

For training purposes, dog owners usually uses a dog whistle brass. The common features of the whistle brass are:

 Frequency is modifiable
 Perceptible even in long distance
 Non-disturbing to people

Clicker Plus

Clicker plus works like the training whistle wherein you will let your dog recognize different types of “clicking” sounds. This type of training material is used for easy recognition of training sounds, just like your whistle.

One advantage of clicker plus is that you will be able to use it on two different pets simultaneously.

Agility Starter Kit for Dogs

This type of training material aims to augment your dog’s innate capability to face obstacles. Most often than not, the agility starter kit consists of:

 Interlaced poles
 Jump materials
 Tunnels
 Pause box
 Start and finish line
 Trainer’s watch
 Agility manual (guides on how to set-up, rules of the game and more)
 Award ribbons

The obstacle track will provide your dog with the opportunity to hurdle obstructions. The dog will also be trained to leap and bound to fully enhance its body. Apart from the physical training, the agility kit will also boost your dog’s mental capability. Furthermore, what is equally important is how the agility kit provides a bonding moment for the owner-trainer and the dog.

Training supplies are important to properly instruct your pet with the things you expect him to do. The above-mentioned training supplies are but some of the common ones, there are still numerous supplies available in the market. Whenever you select training supplies, make sure that it will be apt to the kind of training you want to pursue with your dog.

It is best to consult a veterinarian for complete and proper training supplies for dogs. Additionally, the veterinarian will also check your dog’s condition, if he is ready to take training.




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