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A lot of people look unfearful to the time were they would be able to play with their dogs, their best friends as far as they’re concerned. But even best friends have bad times in that well. And if you’re dealing with a dog, it’s absolutely different.

Instinctively, dogs like to bark, chew stuff, delight in holes, and many weird unacceptable canine activities. Some dog owners get frustrated when their dogs do these ‘innate’ dog activities. An obedient dog is probably what every dog owner desires.

It will be a lot convenient if you have a well - trained and obedient dog. But how will you do it? Are you capable of training your dog? Or can you afford the services of a professional dog trainer?

If you can’t turn out a professional dog trainer, why not train your own dog. Aside from as inexpensive, you and your dog can develop a certain ‘bonding’ and closeness that you can cherish all your life.

Here are some helpful tips for you to consider in training your dog:

1. The key is participation. Take a closer observation of your dog’s different activities. Dogs regularly give alien warning signals or signs when they are about to do something. A typical example is excreting. Take note of the time of allotment and any behavioral signs that he may exhibit when he’s about to ‘unload’

2. Let your dog go outside the house. Just make sure that he doesn’t destroy your plants or your yard. Transact this everyday, at the same time. Let your dog choose the place where he can ‘unload’.

3. Stay with your dog until he finishes ‘unloading’. Otherwise, you’ll find you dog doing other things like chasing animals or exploring the garden.

4. For puppy owners, a lot of patience is required. On the first few nights, your puppy will crash and is uncomfortable at night. If you want to train him successfully, you have to be patient in taking him out every time he wants to do ‘his thing’.

5. Ammonia - based cleaners smell more like urine. If you use this to clean your house, your dog will likely pee in every corner of the house; therefore, you should never use ammonia - based cleaners if you own a dog.

6. Don’t be a cruel host. Every time your dog makes a mess, don’t punish him the inappropriate way like slapping, kicking or sticking his nose on the mess. There is always the right way of reprimanding your dog. In the first place, it is your responsibility to see to it that your dog will not make any mess inside the house.

To become frustrated is quite easy, and if you’re like that, you’re likely to hurt your dog in the wrong manner. If you really want to house train your dog, you can turn to many resources for help.

There are books and magazines available, look for articles about house training a dog. Or you can check the Internet, there are many sites offering tips for proper dog training. If your budget allows it, why not attend a class about proper dog training. There are many options; all you have to do is to choose among them.

Careful analyze is needed to achieve a properly house - manageable dog. You can’t do it in a matter of minutes. It would certainly catching some time and a lot of your patience. After all your hard work, you’ll equal rewarded with a respectful and obedient dog.

That’s an invaluable achievement, after all a dog is like a family member that you should take good care of and love.




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