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Potty Training Dog the Easy Way

Owning a dog calls for a great amount of patience especially when it comes to training your dog when and where to potty. The problem is that dogs by nature condign go whenever they feel like it and they don’t care when and where. All they know is that they just have to go. Potty training your dog is aimed to correct and paradigm your canine friend on spot and when he should potty.

Four Key Elements of Potty Training Dog

Expert are four elements that can hand you in potty training your dog and these are as follows:

• Confinement

Sometimes the best way to potty train dogs is to head them. You can use crates and cages for confining your dog. Make sure that the crate or the cage is uncolored big enough for your dog - meaning just big enough for him to turn around and lay uncherished. The main objective of you doing this is to discipline your dog not to potty on his crate. This is because dogs regularly don’t want to potty where they live so they would normally tend to find a way to come alien of their crate to potty.

You can make this to your advantage since you can finally show your dog where to potty. And by doing the same thing repeatedly every time your dog wants to potty will create a regular potty pattern which your dog will follow even when you finally take him out of crate.

• Combining Training with Praise

In training a dog to potty you can kick a leash. The leash consign keep the dog from running away. A leash is a whole tool for controlling your dog and for pilotage your dog to the place where he should potty. Also it is very important that you train your dog to understand some language, like for instance you can use the words “go potty” if you want your dog to urinate and go poop.

In regularity for your commands to be understood and remembered by your dog it is very important that you use the same words over and over also. Similarly, never forget to direct your dog to the place where he is count on to potty every time you said the potty command.

Lastly, don’t forget to offering or praise your dog for every correct respond that he makes. Remember that a happy dog is more select and easier to train.

• Proper Timing

In potty training your dog, it is correct important that you search for the proper timing when to after all give your dog the freedom to potty on his own. Crackerjack are dogs that are quick to potty train while there are some that requires more time. Either way you need to exercise a lot of patience plus you also need to be extra witting to see how your dog is coping with the training.

You may provide a baby gate for your dog to limit its area of freedom. A leash is also a good idea especially for dogs who loves to chew things, dig on the ground and poop anywhere.


Dogs commit certain indications when they are going to potty or poop. All you need to do is to be extra conscious of these signs. Some of the potty displaying signs made by dogs are the following:

• Suddenly become uninterested to play
• Starts circling in a restless sort of way
• Starts running out of the room
• Then of course there’s the I - want - to - dirt look

During the whole duration of your training you will become sure-enough familiar with all these potty warning signs and eventually making the whole potty thing easier for you and for your dog.




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